My philosophy…

The human body has a profound ability to heal itself if given the right environment and raw materials. My job is to guide and support clients in setting the stage for that to happen. My personal health journey and my training have reenforced to me there is no “mental” health or “physical” health. They do not and can not exist separately. We experience “wellbeing” or “dis-ease” and ongoing states of dis-ease inevitably lead to a diagnosis of Disease.

Natural health is one of those great equalizers in life.  It doesn’t matter if you are POTUS, or a truck driver, everyone has to do the work of making new choices and getting consistent with those new behaviors. A healthy lifestyle is not something that can be delegated or hired out. In this way, most people have access to amazing health simply by exercising their power to choose! While discretionary funds may allow one to outsource certain associated tasks such as shopping or cooking, the work of learning to make new choices is the same. Planning for specific budgets of both money and time and convenience challenges are all part of designing a life that brings you life.

Why I do this work…

It’s personal for me.

Two passions act as my compass, and my wellspring of enthusiasm and compassion. First, as a survivor of sexual trauma, I’m passionate about mental health and helping move people past surviving and into thriving! Yet, in my own journey I realized the lessons survivors must learn in order to recover, are lessons most people would benefit from as well. Education on how to treat one’s self with love and respect is, in fact, and sadly, far from exclusive to those recovering from trauma. This education is relevant and important for everyone.

This work is an important contribution to our society at large.

The second reason I do this work is because I believe deeply in the concept of health as a human right. Social and economic marginalization has an immediate and lasting impact on health at all levels for individuals as well as the health of our broader social fabric. I believe that by supporting individuals to be healthy, strong, and vibrant, I am also supporting their ability to think clearly, be confident, patient, and stand for what is right in their workplaces, families, and in society at large. Our food system and health care, are two critical institutions that directly affect health and in racist and classist ways. Justice, housing, and environmental health are also inextricably connected to health. With all this mind, my LGBTQ family, communities of color, and survivors of sexual and domestic violence hold a special place in my heart. I’m here to infuse you with strength, courage, and energy to continue your path and build a more enlightened and equitable world.

Oh and a third reason: I know what is possible – for you!

Contrary to popular belief, aging does not have to come with weight gain, painful joints, foggy thinking, fatigue, and all the other annoying symptoms we dismiss as “normal” or “in my family”.  I promise you – a better way forward does exist!


Where you are and what you’re looking for…

My clients come for a wide variety of reasons, below are just a few.  You may have one reason, many reasons, or perhaps no clearly defined reason – you just feel like you’re functioning as well as you  used to or as well as you would like.


How this works…


The first and most important prerequisite to working with me is that you be ready to make changes in your life. You must be bold enough try new things, and you must be diligent enough to do new things regularly and have the faith to believe uncomfortable behaviors will become comfortable with time. You must be bold enough to put your self before others when it’s appropriate. You must understand that I am here to support you and guide you, but I cannot do it for you, and nothing will change just because you paid me. Learning to make new choices requires time and energy.  You must be willing to make these investments. Like any other type of partnership, you must be honest with truthful with me and with yourself.

The Process

After an intensive initial review of your symptoms, history, and planning, we meet twice per month via phone, video conference, or in person on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I believe firmly in education so you will never feel confused, overwhelmed, or conflicted about what I’m asking of you and why it’s important for your healing. If you’re simply not ready to do a certain task – it’s ok! We need to be real about that too, there is always another way to move the ball forward. Trust that I will never ask you for unnecessary work. In fact, the opposite is true. We all have limited amount of attention and willpower to work with every day. I want to make sure that we are directing yours toward only the most important areas. It is absolutely critical that the work you are tasked with is work you are confident in managing with your available time and energy.  Due to the variance in these and other factors, individuals’ healing time will vary.


Your Commitment

A three month commitment is required to start, and you will be feeling better within that time. For most people, the deeper, lasting change requires longer periods of personal development and growth. Sometimes six months is sufficient, sometimes a year or more. Some of this depends on how compromised normal body functioning has become, some of it depends on less intangible factors such as your ability to change our mindset and attitudes. The body changes at a rate we often don’t have the patience for, but when you stay in the game, health will return it’s wealth – ten fold.


Getting Started…

If you have read all of this and feel ready for the next step, CONGRATULATIONS! It  seems you are ready to make big changes in your life and health and reap innumerable rewards for your work. The next step is for us to meet and talk, and make sure this feels like a good fit for both of us. Call or email me talk to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.  In that conversation, we can decide if it feels right to proceed with an assessment.

Consult vs. Assessment…

The Consult

This is a free 15 minute conversation, with no paperwork required. The goal is for us to meet, for me to get a feel for what you’re dealing with and where you are in your journey, for you to ask questions, and for us to decide together if this is the right time to proceed with a more detailed exploration.

The Assessment

There is a $200 nonrefundable assessment fee due at time of scheduling. A full health history and symptom questionnaire must be submitted 48 hours in advance of your appointment. This will allow me time to go over your case so we can have a substantive conversation about what your overall plan and initial steps would look like. If your information is not received in advance, your appointment will be rescheduled.

If you embark on a program within 60 days, the full assessment fee is put toward the cost of your program. If you decide to embark on a program after 60 days the assessment will have to be redone.  This is because symptoms can drastically in the course of even one month, and it’s important to be working the most accurate information possible when we start.


That’s it!  

Please continue to enjoy my blog posts, sign up for our email list reach out for a chat about moving forward.

I look forward to witnessing your evolution into vibrant health and longevity!

In Health and Happiness,

Vanessa Samora.